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VALV - S2 - Ep.02 VALV - S2 - Ep.02

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Me encanto

I loved your cartoon, the humor and your animation is getting better and better each day ^-^ I love you <3

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Link Misses His Target Link Misses His Target

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Showing your talent, or praising yourself? Is this really an improvement effort or just plain jealousy?

It is true there is a very well made animation here, but just that. There was really not a development in humor or pace. Besides, you are just being a dick. If you really felt THAT annoyed about another artist's work, a nice supportive comment based on constructive criticism might better help him. Speaking about mediocrity...

You know, there are guidelines for posting comments which include not judging the staff's decision when related to the frontpage posting, but that doesn't stop you from doing it directly in your comments. Something they should consider taking a look at.

Talented... but you suck as a well-formed artist.

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DannyP responds:

Did I ever say that I deserve front page or such acclaim? Not at all. It's comparing "Zelda - Target" to other works with 4+ scores that upsets me. "Zelda - Target" had poor technique in many ways (I did leave a constructive criticism review, but you know he's never going to read that; you can look it up in my reviews or read some of my other responses here), it was very short, there were no sound effects, he didn't even credit the source he stole the music from, the joke was... was... that was a joke?
Anyhow, I think it's really not fair to the other Flash artists on Newgrounds. His movie was not very well polished. I really don't think that means his work was "BAD". I just think the people of Newgrounds overrated it. As I said, I really don't blame him since he had no control over that or whatever - it was simply a small animation he made for his class. He doesn't deserve any hate at all for that. I've seen way better things get zero recognition, though.

If I was "just being a dick", I would've started a topic on the forum to flame the guy or something. I put time and effort into making a whole animation to match his just to let my review be heard for a day or two. And it's not like I'm even bashing him at all. I'm bashing Newgrounds' users a little and stating my critique for his movie several times. If he skips the blind praise in his comments and looks in these ones, he might find something that can help him improve.

I guess the staff can shove it if they've got a problem with the effort I put into conveying my message. It's bad enough my reviews get deleted for being honest. Seriously, I reviewed Brackenwood stating how amazing the animation is, but to me it's just childish humour where Bitey "gets what he deserves" in the end, so it's about equal to a Disney cartoon - something I wouldn't watch in my spare time. No swears, no death threats, I included ways I thought it could be improved, and I acknowledged its strong points - deleted. Newgrounds used to be a bad ass site you'd get in trouble for visiting, but this censorship stuff is just stupid. If someone gets them to check this out and I get banned or something, I won't really miss seeing the portal flooded with Kitty Krew, Clock Crew, Star Syndicate, Lock Legion, and all the other shitty groups that are making a "comeback" or the mediocre works passed off as "masterpieces". When I see "daily feature" or a score over 4, I want an epic classic like Final Fantasy A+, Super Smash, or Time Fcuk. When I read reviews, I want to read actual opinions and criticism, not blind praise or blind hate. I don't want to see the portal flooded with shit that I vote 2 for without watching for the free protect point since the things never get blammed. My first movies were blammed, and it's a good thing 'cause that and the reviews helped me improve, but the only things blammed today are 10 kb "test" animations by newbs.

I'm not full of myself or trying to praise myself. I don't envy Darkar's "success"; maybe if I make something truly good and original and something like that beats me, but that's not the case now. For now, I just feel bad for the other artists who got cheated out of recognition by a small Zelda parody. This is just a message from people like me to the rest of Newgrounds - the message that gets flagged as abusive in reviews or simply drowned out by 10/10 reviews and unheard.

Anyhow, I don't think my opinion has anything to do with me as an artist. I'd have called it poor sportsmanship if I were you, though that's not the case (it's not like I was even in "the game", my last submission being from January 2009). My animation isn't even "very well made" as you say, though I thank you for not calling it worthless out of bias. I disagree with your review, but you were fair about it (other than not seeing my point of view and giving it a low score for my personality). I think my humour was slightly better (or if considered equal, at least there were multiple gags here), but to each his own.

Vete a la Versh - Xmas 09 Vete a la Versh - Xmas 09

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Te aoro y feliz Navidad

Hola Darkar nomas queria decirte que te amo y me encantas y que te mando muchisimos besos. Esta increible tu nueva animacion ^-^ y espero anciosa la siguiente

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Darkar responds:

Yo te amo máaaaas!!!! n_n

Vete a la Versh 9 Vete a la Versh 9

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo!!

Amor esta INCREIBLE ^-^ (osea como siempre) te quedo padrisimo y ami..... no nomas por que sea tu novia que te ama y asi..... me encanto. MUAK MUAK!!!!

Te adora

Tu Ranita ^-^

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Darkar responds:

Wooot! X3

Yo también te amo muuucho!

Gracias mi ranita. n_n

I can't stop hugging you. I can't stop hugging you.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

^-^ Hay esta padrisima!!!!

Oye tienes unos videos padrisimos, awwww me fasinan ^-^ sobretodo los que le dedicas a tu novio awwwww super tiernos ^-^

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gusana responds:

creo q todos estan dedicados a mi novio XD

Ánima by Gusana Ánima by Gusana

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awwwww ^-^ esta padrisimo!!!!!

Ola Gusanita ^-^ , oye nomas te queria felicitar por tu animacion esta HERMOSA!!!! la verdad me encanto y la puse como una de mis favoritas ^-^!!! Sigue asi y de nuevo muchas felicidades por esta animacion, esta tiernisima.

Ciao ^-^

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gusana responds:

aH muchas gracias! entonces tu haces la voz de la ni~na q llora?

Vete a la Versh 6 Vete a la Versh 6

Rated 5 / 5 stars

miu ^-^

Amor ^-^ felicidades ^-^ como ya te dije esta increible ^-^ y te amo muchisisisisimoo!!!!

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Darkar responds:

Gracias mi princesa!! n_n

Te amo!